Dubai Future Projects

Dubai Towers

dubai towers
dubai towers – dubai’, a cluster of aesthetically designed towers that will symbolise a new phase in dubai’s architectural standards and establish path breaking definitions in structural brilliance and engineering innovation worldwide

dubai promenade

dubai promenade
'dubai promenade' is another project developed by nakheel. located in between dubai marina and palm jumeirah, this wheel shaped five star hotel is built on a man-made peninsula. it will be accompanied by a series of sister towers that will create 2,000 residential units.

dubai opera house

opera house
jean nouvel submitted this proposal for the dubai opera house. the futuristic building is meant to differentiate itself from 'the vulgar hotels and office buildings' of dubai. its design resembles a cliff face or a waterfall and is capped with a giant dome featuring a semi-permeable skin.

trump international hotel & tower

trump international hotel & tower
having been called upon by the client to carry out a review of the original design of trump international hotel and tower, palm jumeirah,

dubai death star

death star
jutting into the waters of the gulf, the dubai waterfront project will contain ten districts, capable of housing 1.5 million people.


the news in the air is that the world’s first luxury underwater hotel, the hydropolis undersea resort, is all set to open its doors in dubai this december. the £300 million, 220-suite hotel is a one of its kind resort ...

dubai hub one

hub one
'dubai hub one' is a design proposal for a cultural hub, serving the uae. designed by studio nova, the
space has been created to work in much the same way as a shopping mall, except for the consumption of culture instead of goods.


dubai renaissance

a single monolithic volume constructed, like an elevator core, in one continuous operation – 200 meters wide and 300 meters tall comprising of offices and business forums, hotel and residential suites, retail, art and urban spaces.

the palm tower

palm tower
'the palm tower' is as its name implies, inspired by the trunk of a palm tree. it is located in the center of jumeirah village. it measures 150 meters tall holding offices, retail space and gardens. designed by sybarite uk, it contains 60,000 square meters of interior space.

porsche towers

porsche towers
in the heart of dubai’s business bay at the waterfront, the project comprises of a 85,000sqm office tower and a 30,000sqm residential tower.

the cloud

the cloud
'the cloud' is a speculative design for a resort city elevated 300 metres in the air above dubai
and supported on slanting legs resembling rain

dancing towers

dancing towers
zaha hadid' dancing towers are planned to be located in dubai's business bay development area. the plan consists of three buildings which rise up from the ground bending and intertwining with each other to create fluid animation of the forms.

0-14 tower

0-14 tower
'0-14 tower' was designed by resier and umemoto and rur architecture pc along with dubai developer,
shahab lutfi.

eta hotel

eta hotel
the 'eta hotel' is a 68-room boutique hotel complete with restaurant, bar and roof top pool located in a high density commercial neighborhood in dubai. the structure was designed by sanjay puri & mimish shah, an indian firm.

dubai grand pyramid

grand pyramid
'dubai grand pyramid' obviously derives its form from the egyptian pyramids, with a modern twist. this pyramid will be a multi-use space and will be flanked by two smaller pyramids housing the developer falconcity's offices and commercial space for a theme park.

arabian blade

arabian blade
'the 'arabian blade' is a mixed-use tower designed by claudio catalano. the building was inspired by plant forms and combines several volumes into one unit. it will contain residences, a hotel and commercial space

the wave tower

wave tower
madrid's a-cero architects led by joaquin torres has designed a new tower for the city of dubai. 'the wave tower' is a high-rise proposed to be installed on the city's waterfront, the first skyscraper to do so.

the pixel tower

pixel tower
'the pixel tower' by light architecture is on the palm jebel ali overlooking the lagoon and bay. the building's twisted core gives it a light and flexible appearance. the 45 degree twist allows the uppermost apartments to have optimal views, despite the buildings footprint.

the infinity tower

infinity tower
'the infinity tower' is designed by skidmore owings and merrill and is located directly on dubai's waterfront. when complete it will be the world's tallest tower to feature a 90-degree twist.

al sharq tower

al sharq tower
'the al sharq tower' will be the tallest building on dubai's sheikh zayed road when it will be completed. measuring 360 meters tall, the tower will contain 268 luxury apartments. the building features eight interconnected cylinders which covered in a spiraling filigree. skidmore, owings and merrill designed the structure which is currently under construction.

the emaar towers

emaar towers
'the emaar towers' are located at the entry point to the burj dubi development, right across from the burj dubai tower. the towers are 42 and 34 stories each and will mostly house offices. an articulated skin covers the buildings and recalls the layers of traditional islamic architecture.

the lighthouse

lighthouse tower
atkins architects also designed 'the lighthouse' a new tower located in the middle of dubai's financial center. the 400 meter tall office tower which hopes to set a new standard for sustainability among dubai's towers. it plans to reduce its total energy consumption by 65% and its water consumption by up to 40%.

tiara united

tiara united
'tiara united' is a pair of office tower located near the financial district in dubai. its multi-coloured facade features branch like structural components.
the two buildings are joined at the base with a glass atrium.

dubai arch bridge

dubai arch bridge
if any real city on our planet can claim an active stake in creating the urban landscape of the future, it's probably dubai. artificial islands arranged in the shape of the world? check. the world's only seven-star hotel? check. and in 2012, it will also become home to the largest, tallest arch bridge ever.

al burj

al burj
al burj (the tall tower) project being planned by nakheel will be 1,050 metres tall, comfortably exceeding the height of the rival burj dubai and making it the world’s tallest building.

dubai ski dome

dubai sky dome
dubailand ski dome: this indoor ski resort will contain a rotating ski slope, mountain run, training area, snowboarding area etc (with 6,000 tonnes of real snow). there will also be 4-season aquaria, snow castle, ice rink, cold and hot spas and an iceberg-shaped five star hotel, among other luxuries.

space science world

space science world
space is one of the subjects explored in this immense theme park, with areas including: attractions and experience world, sports and outdoor world, eco-tourism world, themed leisure and vacation world, retail and entertainment world and downtown.

stellar tower

stellar tower
the 255 meter 'stellar tower' was designed by london-based architects, make. it was commissioned to honour the late sheikh zayed bin sultan al nahyan.

pal jebel ali

pal jebel ali
royal haskoning architects were invited by nakeel development to create
a masterplan design for pal jebel ali, off the coast of dubai.

the apeirin hotel

the apeiron hotel
'the apeiron hotel' will be a 7-star hotel built on an island off of dubai. the arched 185 meter tall hotel will cost 500 million usd

the empire tower

empire tower
'the empire tower' is located in the heart of dubai. it uses an array of splayed vertical layers which are unified at the bottom and rise up into the sky with gentle curves. it measures 230 meters overlooking the sea and nearby parks.


mixed-use tower, standing tall at 379 metres and just 30 metres wide, which gives the illusion of constantly changing its appearance with the movement of people and the sun.


'synergy' is another building designed by india's sanjay puri for dubai's business bay area. the 20-story building was designed to appear like a stack of cubes that were fluidly merged. one side overlooks the promenade in front while the other side faces a lake. the facade is punctured by a decorative motif derived from islamic art.

vision tower

vision tower
tvs architects were commissioned by dubai properties to design 'vision tower', a 51 story office building in the business bay district. the tower features a canted and bent glass facade to light its 650,00 square feet of office space.

lam tara towers

lam tara towers
situated on dubai's sheikh zayed road across from the burj dubai are'the lam tara towers'. the two towers are 60 and 70 stories, measuring a total
height of 360 meters. while currently under construction, the towers are plannedto be complete by 2010.

golden dome

golden dome
standing an impressive 455 meters high, with 2.2 million m² of total surface area, this will be one of the largest buildings in the world in terms of surface area and height. it will contain 500,000 m² in commercial space and 50,000 m² in convention centres and arenas.

dubai mall

the dubai mall has a total internal floor area of 5.9 million square feet and leasable space of 3.77 million square feet, about same as west edmonton mall.
the dubai mall, with 10 - 15 individual smaller malls built inside it, consisting of 9 million ft² of shopping retail space (comprising of a total of 1200 stores).

burj al alam

designed by award willing architects, burj al alam (the world tower) is the world’s tallest commercial building at 108 stories, which creates a business district all its own. the building itself is a sight to behold, masterfully crafted and an efficient use of commercial space. this combination of structure and style houses a variety of office and retail companies and offers some of the best residential and recreational facilities in business bay.

meydan godolphin river city

the godolphin river city is a celebration of the riverfronts as the focal point for cities of the 21st century. exceptionally planned to create a riverine city, godolphin river city becomes a model for development that merges sustainable ecological engineering with urban lifestyle sophistication.

rta headquarters

zwarts & jansma architects won the competition for the design of the new headquarters of the road & transport authority (rta) in dubai 2007. rta hq will be built in an artificial lake at al garhoud on marrakech road, adjacent to the new ras al khor bridge and neighbouring the new interchange of rabat road and marrakech road.

nakheel tower

the latest design attempting to breach the dizzying heights of the burj dubai has been revealed as the multibillion dollar nakheel tower. designed by the developments wing of major investment company nakheel, the tower will be more than a kilometre high, covering a space of around 270 hectares, and will become home to around 55,000 people, a workplace for 45,000, and is hoped will attract millions of visitors each year.
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